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I think when you write a biography of any kind it is far too easy to put down the boring and rather tedious statements about yourself. By nature, I am a private person, therefore boasting about my history doesn’t come naturally to me. Ironically, I am not into self-publicity or telling people how good I am, I let others do that and my feedback will hopefully tell you all you need to know.


Anyone reading this and considering contacting me probably needs a little bit of background, so here goes…

I have been in the realm of consultancy for over 40 years and probably marketed just about every conceivable business type there is. I started my very first business in 1999 and grew that to a £multi-million concern in four years and then sold it. I am currently the owner of a few businesses and have some other interests overseas. 

Now, what I wanted to say…

I have a continuous burning passion for helping others grow successful businesses. I don’t pay lip service, and some might say, I don’t suffer fools easily. When I consult with business owners, I talk their language, not the language of overused marketing/business jargon or meaningless acronyms that I know many business owners hate.

I have read many textbooks, but in reality, my methods are based on experience and a factual understanding of a market and how to further penetrate and influence that market. I also help those I work with become accomplished marketers in their own right. Why? Simply put, singing off of the same hymn sheet always works. Indeed, when the practice of consulting forms a partnership with a business owner for the greater good, it is a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for all involved.

So, that’s me.

I have a passion for building businesses. 
Marketing, sales and building a brand are the key components to generating business success.

How had Mark helped business owners towards high-growth?

I thought it best to give you an example of a success story, rather than go into the technicalities of how I work. That can be found on the ‘What can I do for you’ page in the menu above.

A good eight years ago I was called by an owner of a large retail business. The business had remained stable and relatively strong for nearly 2 decades but hadn’t really progressed for several years.

The owner was conducting some marketing to promote their business and the products it sold, but it was relatively ineffectual. The business had become rather

stale, relying on the repeat custom of an ageing demographic and not really engaging with a new and younger customer base. We looked at the options, the market and how we could engage to reduce the average age of a customer to the store.

Six years on, the business is thriving. Record years, months and even during the horrifying impact of the pandemic, they thrived. They were open for 8 months in 2020 and still had a record year. This provided further investment to expand the operation which has increased their reach and leveraged the business to sell even more. Exciting times are ahead for the business owner.

Mark's inventiveness and style leads to many novel ideas and solutions for the marketting arena. His professional manner and approachability makes for an enjoyable working process and results to match. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark and his team for your future marketting requirements.
Roger Wright
Experienced Architectural Designer and Builder
I first used Mark's services in 2006 when launching a mineral water drink into the market. He provided numerous concepts, all of which suited the product very well. Mark then designed a website to accompany the brand, which proved to be very successful. I have used Mark on many occasions to provide me with various marketing materials...
Richard Connor

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