Do you know the prospective clients who are looking at your website?

Sales management planning

Although marketing and sales success is defined by consistency, choice of mediums, how creative you are with your approach, and how well you target the right prospects, most businesses are completely unaware of prospective clients who are organically searching for products and services through website visits. What you probably hadn’t realised is there are many online subscription tools available to tell you exactly who those prospective clients are.

Reverse IP look up, what is it?

Every businesses router has a unique IP address, with some having what is called a fixed IP, and others a floating IP. Fixed IP addresses can be traced back to a recorded database of businesses, cross referenced with the IP address, and in turn deliver you the name of the business who has visited your website. Would you find this information useful? I do, and especially useful if you are consistent and strong with your sales and marketing.

One caveat to consider

Although you are able to track the businesses who visit your website with a fixed IP addresses, if they have many staff using the same router you still don’t know who the actual person is within that business who has visited your website, that person who is potentially considering a purchase of your products and services. However, if you hold data for a particular contact in that business, and you market to them regularly, I think it would be appropriate to assume that the very same contact on your database is that illusive visitor.

Armed with that knowledge, which can incidentally be tracked in real time, could you utilise sales to make a timely phone call to that person, or could you create a trigger email to mail them with details about your products or services from your Sales Management software?

Tools like reverse IP lookup have given us greater insight. We can already very easily track visitors who click through to our website from our email marketing activity by reviewing the incumbent reporting tools. We can capture some visitors by offering them an incentive based reason to leave their details when they do visit our website, but many of our visitors aren’t known. We can review our website analytics which detail the number of visitors, but we cannot decipher without the ability to look up the IP address who those visitors actually are.

The IP look up resources available are extremely varied, with many providing not only the ability to track a company, but also deliver through a feed into their platform references to individuals who work for the company, rather like doing a company name search on LinkedIn which returns results listing the employees. The best resources can also allow you to set up some strategic triggers, rather like the funnel processes that can be set on Google Analytics. For example, you can set up a trigger for those who have visited a certain page on your website, or for visitors that have spent a specific amount of time, or visited a predefined number of pages. You can also set up triggers based on multiple actions, i.e., a visitor who has click on five pages or more, spent six minutes on site, and visited your contact page that contains the enquiry form. If they haven’t gone any further, they are surely considering contacting you. A timely phone call or email with a direct offer to them could be perfect for persuading them to take action.

The bigger picture

I still come across many businesses who are very poor with their marketing or indeed don’t consider the important of integrating marketing with sales insight. Their incumbent sales professionals are missing opportunities because of this. In the B2B market place, market intelligence and insight is hugely powerful and any business that ignores the obvious benefits of integration is not seeing the bigger picture. Yes, you may have a robust and aggressive process within your sales, but being able to find out exactly who is visiting your website is a prime example of the type of insight that isn’t being leveraged effectively.

Reverse IP subscription based resources were first launched around seven years ago, with one very well-known company being very aggressive in the market selling their resource. This was relatively expensive and very much early days in regards to associating IP addresses with business names. However, the marketplace now includes many resources, and a colleague of mine found a very cost-effective resource providing a subscription based service at $49 US dollars a month. At this cost, the insight is extremely valuable for websites that experience a decent level of visitors, providing excellent insight for sales and marketing teams. Marketing teams can create specific visitor lists and target effectively, and sales teams can be more targeted with their calls, and this is exactly why integrating marketing and sales effectively is so important. Sales professionals need access to resources that provide information about who has clicked or opened emails, or indeed who has visited the company website, cross referencing this with their own database. A significant marginal gain, when looking to close on new business!

If you want to know more, and explore ‘Reverse IP Lookup’ and many other tools, please do contact me. I can advise on how to create a more robust platform for your marketing and sales, helping you to create more opportunity for your business.