What Can I Do For You?

What I can do to help grow your business

Marketing consists of many channels you can use to communicate with your prospective customers or clients. Each channel is open for dialogue and communication but only the appropriate channels should be considered when looking to spend a valuable marketing budget. It is far too easy to waste money using the wrong route, messages and creativity.

Understanding how and where your budget should be focused is the no.1 priority. Then, your focus needs to adopt a strategy to communicate to influence positive buying decisions. 

My consultancy helps a business to decipher its best route to market, the most poignant messages and creative delivery. 

Marketing isn’t a perfect science, and complacency has no place in the process of adopting a successful marketing strategy. 

I am offering a FREE introductory meeting to analyse your business.

Marketing Planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail. A lack of planning is a common mistake made by business owners. The first stage of my work is to help a business owner devise an effective marketing strategy for their business.

Competitor Research & Benchmarking

One of the key ingredients for marketing success is to understand your competitor's successes. Most markets example brands that achieve at the highest level. Typically, they have become market leaders, and it is my job to study their rise, look to emulate it but do it better.

Marketing & Sales Infrastructure Implementation

Effective marketing requires resources and resourcing. I help businesses put in place the infrastructure they need to carefully process and monitor marketing. The tools I inject are simple but very effective. They help the business owner to fully comprehend results, analyse to understand those results and act upon them to make improvements.

Marketing & Sales Monitoring

Understanding how your clients think and make buying decisions is the catalyst to marketing success. Combing the process of marketing with feedback from sales is the insight every business needs in order to make improvements and build growth. The monitoring process provides the insight needed.

Financial Accountability & ROI

Every business should be able to demonstrate a return on investment with their marketing. Sometimes that investment isn't so obvious. Typically, the value of the brand itself and how the growing influence of the brand can be difficult to quantify. However, I put in place some tools to make this tangible, so all expenditure on marketing demonstrates a considered and studied understanding of its impact.

Ongoing Marketing & Sales Optimisation

Trends change and markets continually evolve. Marketing needs to support sales, and make the process of selling become more and more effective for a business. The creative input and reinventing new ways of influencing prospective customers to purchase is a science and philosophy that requires ongoing optimisation.

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